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Vidyasagar and Sharmila Bandare, Pune - "Smiling faces of our senior citizens boosts our energy"
Prerana Kulkarni
Prerana Kulkarni - Overcoming physical challenges with enthusiasm and hard work!
Karthik Ganapathy, IT professional, Chennai "I began volunteering to help others, but the person I helped the most was me. There is nothing more satisfying than giving some of your precious time to others."

Your studies/family/work keep you busy...but is there still something more you want to do...maybe gift just two hours of your time whenever it is possible?

Our growing team of volunteers includes home-makers, students, working and retired professionals. We welcome people with a disability to volunteer so that they can leverage their other strengths and make a difference. If you wish to be part of the Maya CARE dream, it will be a pleasure to have you with us...

You could be a volunteer at any of these cities or help in setting up Maya CARE in your city.

To submit your application, download the Maya CARE form here, fill it up and e-mail it along with a clear, high resolution scanned colour picture and one proof of identity (passport/PAN card/election card/driving license) to or call our helplines.

To ensure the safety of senior citizens as well as volunteers...

  1. A record of the detailed application form, identity proof and photograph is submitted to the police as a precautionary measure.
  2. Service associates are expected to carry their photo identity cards during all interactions with service recipients.
  3. Service representatives are expected to conduct interactions within the guest reception area/main door of the recipients’ registered address.
  4. Recipients are requested to refrain from requesting representatives to enter any other area of their homes or assist in any other tasks outside the purview of Maya CARE services.
Sudha tai Gokhale Swapna Nawathe
Sudha Gokhale, Retired banking professional, "I thoroughly enjoy working with senior citizens. Maya CARE has been my passion right since its inception in 2009."
Swapna Nawathe,
Family Counselor.
"Maya Care gives me sense of satisfaction and has opened a whole new world of relationships for me."